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about our institution

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Why e-save

We are your strategic partner for consultation, financing, implementation and maintenance for alternative energy systems

> Low Cost for Electricity

> Low Investment and Maintenance Cost

Our goal is to partner with your electrical company in providing your energy needs in the most cost effective and efficient way possible, through the strategic use of renewable and clean energy alternatives.

Who can benefit from our service

> Investors

> Construction Companies

> Industrial and Commercial Businesses

> Hotels and Resorts

> Government Facilities

> Agriculture

> Residential Complexes

Solar advantages

> Zero Pollution

> Silent and non-disrupting operation

> Long lifespan of 25+ years

> Minimal maintenance and operating costs

> High return on investment

You can expect attractive and highly predictable gains of renewable energies that assure maximum returns at a minimum risk for extensive periods of time while earning carbon credits.

Solar energy facts

> The sun is the biggest and the most productive source of energy available to man.

> In less than one hour the sun sends more energy to the earth than is consumed in an entire year.

> Solar energy is derived directly from the sun by a process called photovoltaics.

> Since 2002, photovoltaic production has been doubling every two years, increasing by an average of 48% every year, making it the world’s fastest growing alternative energy technology.

> It is a clean, safe and reliable source of energy with minimal costs for maintenance.